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 PLOT: The Price of Science

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PostSubject: PLOT: The Price of Science   Mon Jul 25, 2011 10:59 pm

The region of Hoenn was once peaceful. Scientists had discovered a way to use Ditto cells to create different kinds of medicines that ranged from increasing a Pokemon's strength better than any X-Attack to instantly healing a whole party of Pokemon with one bottle of that medicine. It increased in popularity and number since the medicine had so many uses.

But then one day something went wrong. I saw a Persian fed some of the medicine to increase his Speed tensfold, but suddenly the Pokemon turned on his Trainer and ripped him to shreds. Later, I discovered this medicine made Pokemon extremely hostile to humans. It got so bad they would eat people. They weren't zombies, just freakishly pissed-off Pokemon who lose their reason instantly. The medicine in their system advanced so quickly, they started to tear Pokemon apart, though the ones subjected to this mental breakdown never ate Pokemon, only humans.

Those who haven't gotten the medicine aren't experiencing this. But there are so few of us left now, and those angry Pokemon are destroying everything, and trying to hunt us down.

I give out this call to the remaining sane ones of the Hoenn region.

I'm asking you for help.

I hope you respond.
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PLOT: The Price of Science
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