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 The Sane's Gathering

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The Sane's Gathering Empty
PostSubject: The Sane's Gathering   The Sane's Gathering Icon_minitimeMon Jul 25, 2011 11:18 pm

Welcome. You are one of the last few sane Pokemon remaining in this region, Hoenn. Hopefully you will join us on how to destroy the effects of that evil medicine and help save countless lives.

First, you must confirm you have read the rules.

Copy the form below, then come here to post your character.

Name- The name of your character.

Gender- Male, female, possibly genderless

Species- What Pokemon species are you?

Background- Your life before the fall of Hoenn?

Moveset- Like a regular moveset (four moves.)

Appearance- Must be a picture.

Item- Can be any Hold Item or Berry from the games. Can be swapped for a different item later.

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The Sane's Gathering
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