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 Joining the Staff

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PostSubject: Joining the Staff   Tue Jul 26, 2011 1:21 am

The staff have greater responsibilities than that of normal users, but also have greater benefits. By completing the form below, you can have a chance to become a Moderator for Blazing Hearts. You can also become an Artist and help the site by creating the site skins and much more. (Artists can request payment; it's entirely up to them.)

. They help the Admins when they are gone and keep the forum in check.

. Moderators can accept members for the main roleplay if the Admin is not online.

. Moderators can lock, unlock, move, edit, and split topics in the forum they are moderators in.

Moderator Form:


How often are you online?

Tell me about yourself:


. Artists also have important jobs. They create skins for the site (we need one!), draw characters, scenes, or whatever the members request.

. Artists can request a form of payment.

. Do not bug Artists with PM request-set up a single thread in the Art Corner.

Artist Form:


Will you ask for payment?

What do you draw with? (If you draw.)
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Joining the Staff
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